Relax and unwind

I have been feeling a bit rough over the last 24 hours and it has proved one thing to me and that is that I need time off. Trying to do a number of things at once, having competing priorities, and spinning many plates is what I do on a daily basis but I am not invincible. The weekend was created for one important thing – to recover from the busy working week.

My regular sleep pattern is around four and a half or five hours a night during the week with probably around six or seven hours if I am lucky at the weekend. I am used to it and have no problem functioning on that amount of sleep. However, my body was telling me something yesterday and this morning that it needed more sleep.

I have had to reduce what I would normally do during the weekend. This has meant sorting the animals out so that they are happy and healthy, and doing a little bit of tidying up. All of which has been incredibly frustrating as I have a whole list of other things I was hoping to do and have had to put on hold.

We all need to look after ourselves and give our bodies and minds some time to recover from the busy and frenetic pace of modern life. Resilience comes from ensuring we do this and we recognise when we are heading towards ‘burn out’. Once we can see the signs of exhaustion we can take evasive action and step off the treadmill.

I am not good at doing that yet. It is something that I have prioritised. Meditation is an amazing thing and should be part of our daily routine. It helps to relax both our bodies and our minds which is a critical part of modern life. So before I dash off to do all those things that I have had to put on hold I am going to take some time to look after me.


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