Getting smart about phones

I have just received a shiny new phone to replace my slightly old and battered one. It is really exciting but also worrying as I have so much information tied up in the old phone. The challenge now is how I make sure I have saved the things that matter, to ensure I don’t lose anything.

It is clear we are all holding more and more details of our lives on our smartphones. This helps us act quickly when we want to get in touch with friends, or buy something online or share information. We need to have the right data available when we want it which can be any time of the day or night.

Like most people I have so much information on my phone that when it is starting to run out of battery I get stressed and need to boost it back up. In fact I can sometimes have my day dictated by whether my phone is working well. But it is a relatively recent modern development to have access to a whole range of information in your hand and it is something that is being taken seriously.

The more I have thought about it the more I realise the protection we need to put in place when we are online. It is easy to provide far too much information or have weak passwords that can be cracked. We need to do so much more to be aware of criminal activity online in the same way we know to shut doors and windows and have a fire alarm. Few of us take this risk to our safety and security as seriously as we should.

It is a vital part of our education and everyone should know what to do. I hope that online safety and security is being taught in schools so people grow up wise to the risks that modern life brings. For now though, I will continue to battle to save the information on my phone before setting up the new one.

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