Step out of the routine

It is often easy to stay within the comfort zone and do the same things we have done before. Nobody really likes change and to remain with what we feel we know is sometimes seen as the best position. It can be why we keep to the routine. But that can’t be healthy for us particularly for our mental well-being.

This morning I was quite prepared to stick to the routine of schooling my horse and staying within the safe zone. It would have been easy to do if it hadn’t been for friends around me. They gently nudged me to make sure I did something else. The result was we went for a hack (a stroll around the nearby housing estate) which was much more relaxing for both me and my horse. Why didn’t I want to go, because horses can be unpredictable and spook.

It made me think of a saying that many close friends have often used. ‘If you always do what you always did, then you always get what you always got.’ Or something like that. I like to think of it when I am finding myself staying within the safe parameters. Importantly, it is also a way of pushing you to try something new. None of us should sit and continually moan about a set of circumstances without doing something to change the situation.

As it is Sunday night and most of us are preparing for, and thinking about, the working week ahead, I know many will have a sense of dread. If you are having that gloom about stepping back into the workplace then why don’t you do something about it? Life is too short to be stuck in a rut that makes you sad or depressed. I think the only thing that stops us is the fear of the unknown and the reluctance to embrace change.

So the next time you catch yourself moaning about a situation why not turn it around and think what you can do to change things



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