Find the joy

We can all get dragged down by the things that go wrong or that we don’t have. It is easy to see the glass as half empty and be consumed by negativity. When we turn on the news, open a newspaper of check news websites we are confronted with some terrible scenes and horrible events. There have been some traumatic events this week including the plane disappearance and only today details of a stabbing at a supermarket in London.

If we let it these events and incidents can take over our thoughts and impact on how we view the world around us. There is no easy way to access all the positive events and actions that are taking place every minute of every day. Random acts of kindness take place with no-one knowing and people are helping others with no recognition.

I am grateful that I do hear about some amazing stories of how people have helped others, acted selflessly and improved society. We try to share these stories as often as we can, and many times the media will pick them up and share them further. There are many reasons to share; to say thank you to those involved, to encourage others to follow the example, to balance the negativity, and to raise a smile.

The problem is that we need many acts of kindness or positivity to counteract the negative that surrounds us and we can end up focusing on. It is easy for all of us to get down as we are affected by the world around us. I find myself weighed down by some of the events that take place, missing the joy of the amazing things that happen around me.

We will never remove all the bad things that happen in our lives and in the world but we can all seek and find the positive. More than that we can all make sure we create and add to the joy for those around us.

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