On time or late?

There is one thing that is sure to make me incredibly stressed and that is missing a deadline. When I was at school, college and university I would burn the midnight oil to make sure I handed the essay or piece of work in on time. I hated to miss a deadline or fail to achieve what I set out to do that day.

As I moved into my chosen career as a journalist my obsession with deadlines just increased. There is no excuse for failing to meet a deadline when you are working in the media. If you don’t meet the deadline then there will be a gap in the newspaper or an empty slot on the TV or radio bulletin. It is something that focuses the mind when you know your job depends on getting it done on time.

I always work better when I have a deadline to meet. It means I can prioritise my time more productively and it prevents me becoming distracted by things. But it also means I will keep working until I ensure I have met the deadline and I can become incredibly frustrated when my workload means there are too many urgent tasks than I can realistically complete.

The key for me, and many people, is to find ways to cope with the increasing workload without feeling swamped, and without stress levels rising. All too often these are skills that we don’t have and don’t get prioritised in training plans. Resilience is a quality that I have written about many times in blogs and the reason is because I believe it is hugely important for modern working life.

My resilience means I have to accept that some deadlines I impose on myself I won’t be able to meet. Deadlines will remain incredibly important to me no matter what. Some days I wish that other people shared my obsession with meeting deadlines.

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