Building strength for modern life

I suddenly realised today that it is mental health awareness week. I am not a lover of the themed weeks or months as every day it seems there is something making easy headlines. There has been doughnut week, penguin awareness day and puppy day to name but a few that I have seen. However, this week I can really get behind.

Modern life has become increasingly challenging to our mental wellbeing and we need more resilience than ever before. We can see it from a much younger age now and there is much discussion about the impact of SATS tests on children. I can remember that feeling of dread when I had to do exams to decide which groups I would join at secondary school. It was a horrible time and to have more of those exams would have been stressful.

Teenagers now face more pressure from peers and the need to be and have everything that is perfect. I have blogged at Christmas about the nonsense about people demanding perfection and feeling that anything less is failure. I am not convinced that we are giving young people the techniques to be able to handle the life that they are forced into.

When we enter the world of work there are so many additional pressure points in our lives. There is the challenge of the work-life balance, of the home pressures of bills and making ends meet, and of the demands faced in the modern workplace. We take on extra responsibilities and with that comes the additional pressures.

It is not surprising that many have mental health issues and we need to be aware of the strain that people may be feeling. As we rush about our daily lives we have no idea what other people may be dealing with or battling with. This week can have an important role in making people aware that mental health issues affect many and they are not alone.  What is important is that we find ways to cope and to help others to cope.

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