Worth the wait

It is an instant world we live in. We can get whatever we want at the touch of a button 24 hours a day. There is no end to the possibilities thanks to technology and developments. This can make it really difficult for people to have the patience to wait for things. When I was younger it could take months to be able to get the toy or game I wanted, but now with credit cards we can have things now and pay later.

Today (Sunday) I was able to enjoy the first hack of 2016. For those who don’t have horses or ride this just means I was able to go out on the road or countryside for a leisurely ride when we just walk. The conditions have to be right before I will go out on the road with my horse. I need to have sun and no rain, very little breeze and my horse needs to have been able to get out in the field before.

All this came together today and I had the most amazing hack which was well worth the wait and made the long winter months feel like a distant memory. There is no way that the situation can be rushed and to do so will probably lead to something going wrong.

Patience is required, to see what you want to achieve but be prepared to wait until the time is right and you can achieve it. I may struggle with this skill in many work related situations but perhaps this weekend has taught me that I have to do the same in that environment. If we are going to get where we need to be then we need to have patience so that it is worth the wait.

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