People needing people

There was one thing that became the priority this week and that was people. I know we share our life which means that people are a huge part of it, but it is what we make of the links that is important. Are we leaving a positive impression with those around us? Are we offering help and support to others? Do we listen?

The week started with two new members of the team. It has been a breath of fresh air and eases some of the workload pressures. But more than that it is a chance to welcome people into the work family we have. I have tried to be on my best behaviour for the whole week although I am sure they have witnessed some of the ups and downs already during the last four days. New people bring new ideas and experiences and that is beneficial.

I have also relied on others this week to provide support and keep me focused on what is important. Something that it is easy to lose when in the middle of a high-pressure situation. Those around me have helped with their push to keep me positive, particularly about my sickly gerbil and another vet visit to my horse.

More than that I have tried to be the support to others. I have listened to some issues and problems and tried to be of some help. One of the most under-rated skills is that of listening. With friends and colleagues it is essential. If we get it right we can achieve so much, but if we get it wrong we won’t develop or move forward. We have to keep challenging ourselves about whether we are really listening or we are just keeping quiet and nodding our head.

I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow communication professional who is about to move into the world of policing. We had an interesting discussion and I hope have created the basis for a firm friendship in the future. Having a conversation can be one of the most productive ways to spend our time, but too often we rush around and don’t lift our head. People can be a challenge but the relationships we build can be the most beneficial part of our lives.



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