Finding ways to cope

I was pleased to read that the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) is tackling one of the last taboo subjects – that of mental health issues. It follows recent surveys that have shown it is a problem for the profession. In the 2014/15 State of the Profession report more than half (51%) of managers were ‘extremely stressed’ or ‘very stressed’ in their roles, evidencing the need for public relations to face up to the issue. Why do we hide from the subject?

Firstly, we don’t want to admit that people may need help and instead we try to find ways that we can help ourselves. Then we have the issue of not wanting to appear weak and unable to cope with the challenges of the modern workplace. Accepting we have mental health issues is a massive step for anyone.

The modern workplace is a challenging place for our mental state. There is a substantial amount of change taking place, roles are evolving, technology has more of a part to play and this can all lead to greater feelings of being under pressure. Most organisations are aware of these issues and have been considering wellbeing and ways to support the workforce. This is work that has to speed up during 2016.

Anyone can find they suffer mental health issues and it must be something that we feel able to talk about but also to address with coping mechanisms. I have found myself dealing with the pressure of the workplace and it is the network of support around me that has proved vital. Once support kicks in it gives me a way of being able to start to recover and rebuild my resilience.

I look forward with interest to see the events and activities that the CIPR are planning to deliver and whether it can help with the pressures. It is time to recognise the issue exists so that we can all work to tackle it across the profession.

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