Time for best behaviour

It is always great to have new people join the team. They bring new ideas and a new perspective on both the work and the organisation. They come with a different background and experiences. Today we welcomed two people fresh into the organisation and had a third move between teams to take on a new challenge. All very exciting.

Of course when new people arrive we are all on our best behaviour. Today was no exception. They were made to feel very welcome and their colleagues had arranged everything including a welcome card and a mug. It was lovely to see and showed the team work that exists. That was more important than us all making sure we showcased the best elements of work.

We can all remember our first day at work when it was strange and new and often was very unsettling. There are so many unknowns and we just want to show our best and what we can do. I have had some unbelievably bad first days at work where I was shown a desk and a chair, or an office, and left to get on with it. You do find ways to survive and thrive or it may mean that you look for a quick exit out again.

I firmly believe that you can tell within the first few days whether the place you are in is going to be somewhere to stay and grow for some time or be a short stop. You get a feel for whether the people, work, structures and environment are going to be beneficial to you as an individual and to your future career. I hope that our new arrivals start to feel it is a place they can develop and grow, and hopefully where work is fun. And I promise to be on my best behaviour for the rest of the week.

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