Simply very special

I have blogged many times about the things I have to be grateful for and also that we need to make time for what is important to us. Today was my mum’s 70th birthday and those sentiments were never truer. It was a time to be thankful for the years and for me particularly for all the support I have had on a daily basis. It was also a time to come together as a family, to share memories and make memories.

When I was a child and a teenager I was quite difficult to live with. It won’t surprise a lot of people. I could say and do things that would cause upset and distress, and I was like many young people and very self-centred. I have lost count of the arguments that have been had and the words that have been crossed. But that was then.

It may have taken some years but I can now see how much I have to thank my parents for throughout my 45 years. They supported me, nurtured me, showed me right, and made me think I could achieve anything I wanted to. I recently blogged about how this may seem to be the norm but it isn’t the case for many young people. The more terrible stories that I hear, the more I realise how lucky I have been.

When I baked the birthday cake for my mum yesterday I wanted it to represent parts of her life and the things she loved. I won’t go through all the individual elements but what was clear is she has chartered her own course through life. She has been her own person and done it even when it may raise eyebrows. Even normal hobbies like pottery took an unusual twist when mum was doing them. Back in the 1980s it wasn’t a pot or jug that came home but a giant foot and a bottom.

There are so many stories about how this individuality and creativity came to the surface during the past years. My mum is an amazing woman and I have a lot to thank her for. So this is blog has a very simple message – thank you.


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