Invest in yourself

For many of us work is more than a full time job, and we try to pack a lot into the rest of the time we have. One of the things that can get neglected or forgotten is to value the ongoing professional development. It is seen as something that we will do when we have time and it is pushed down the list of priorities.

It doesn’t matter how many years’ experience we have it is always important to prioritise learning and gathering further knowledge. We owe it to ourselves and whatever we envisage in the future. The training can take many forms nowadays and doesn’t automatically mean spending time in a classroom. This provides us with even more opportunities to ensure we can make it happen.

Continuous professional development should be something that is part of our working lives on a daily basis. We should be spending time to consider how we can ensure we are at the forefront of the changing communication landscape, and improving our existing skills. I have invested in CPD for the past 15 years and it is incredibly beneficial.

It starts with a consideration of where we are as individuals. What are our skills, what are our gaps and how do we need to develop over the next 12 months? Taking a bit of time out of the daily hustle and bustle to consider these questions is essential. Without it how can we avoid treading water in our work? This review will give us the information about what we need to do and allow a 12 month plan to be created.

Once there is a plan in place it means we have something to work to and it will be a reminder throughout the year. It raises the issue up our list of priorities and keeps it at the front of our minds. I hope more people are encouraged to have a continuous professional development plan to help them improve in 2016.


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