Finding a balance

When we are facing the pressure from work it can be easy to forget the important things in life – family, home and the key relationships in our lives. Most people spend a considerable percentage of their day at work whether it is from home, from an office or from another location. The pressure can be significant and the demands relentless so much so that it can engulf us.

It is vital that we make time for the supportive relationships around us. The people who can listen when we have had a bad day, can provide a shoulder to cry on and help lift us up when we are down. When everyone else has gone they will be the people who remain. I have written many times about how we can take this support for granted. We will only miss it when it isn’t there.

Life is definitely about a balance. A balance in all things and not just the traditional view of it being about work life balance. Letting work take over your life is not the best position to be in, and  you need to be able to switch off. I am the worst person for not doing this but I realise the damage that it can do taking this approach.

Tomorrow will be the funeral of a long-standing friend. It will be a sad time for all those that knew him but also will be a reminder of how lucky we all were to have known him during his life that was cut short. Jobs have come and gone in the time that we have been friends.

Balance is a key for us all too remember. Life is too short and the little things are just that, little. Focus on what matters to you and say thank you to those who give you support. Whatever happens the world will continue to turn.

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1 Response to Finding a balance

  1. Marta Frant says:

    We should nourish ourselves and appreciate what we have. Thank you for this great reminder.


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