The joy of living

I had the opportunity to go back to my childhood today when I joined my nephew to celebrate his ninth birthday. It is always fun, frantic and full on when I spend time with him. The time involves lots of rushing around, sports (at the moment this is a love of table tennis) and as many activities as we can fit in. Today was no different even though it involved cake, jelly and ice cream.

Children have an innocence that we can’t get back. It is an amazing time of our lives when we are starting to find our way in the world, and we try things for the first time. One thing we could hold on to is the sheer joy of life.

On Sunday night as many people are trying to grab the last moments of the weekend and have a sense of dread of the work that waits tomorrow, the joy of life can seem a long way away. We get ground down by the responsibilities of adulthood and the 9 to 5, or whatever hours we have to do to make ends meet. The days can feel long and the pressures immense with bills to pay, domestic chores to do and a whole range of commitments to meet.

We have to find ways to reconnect with that childhood joy we had. It makes tonight a chance to do lots of interesting things, and tomorrow a day filled with opportunities and possibilities. When was the last time you just did something for the pure fun of doing it? When did you run around madly until you just flopped down exhausted? When did you last laugh for no reason at all?

It may be hard to recreate what we had as children but looking at ways we can take some little steps back is important. It reconnects us with the joy of just living.

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