You can’t please all the people

We all want to be liked, or do we? There is a lot of research about how we are all craving acceptance from society and our peers. It means we spend a lot of time trying to ‘fit in’ and say and do the right things. As teenagers very few want to be individual and go their own way and instead prefer to run with the crowd.

It is something that can be seen on social media. People try to say and do the right things, avoid controversy and find acceptance. But is this the best way to ensure that society keeps evolving and improving? Don’t we need to have challenge and a difference of opinion to continue to develop?

I had an interesting conversation with my mum today when she gave a verdict on my recent blogs. I really value her opinion and feedback. Unsurprisingly, she finds blogs about communication and my work a little dull. I have explained that this site was created to discuss communication, the issues of the day and other things of interest. I value her opinion but I won’t change my approach.

In setting out to write a blog you have to accept that you are not going to please everyone all the time. In fact, if you are going to choose a career in communication or public relations you also have to realise that it will bring you into conflict or at least disagreement with people. There is no point in just saying what people want to hear. It won’t bring results and can mean organisations don’t move forward or even go in reverse.

We move forward when there is room for debate and discussion, and where people can challenge the existing position. There has to be a freedom to allow this to take place and those who make an alternative stand should be supported. I know I won’t please everyone when I write my blog and definitely not when I am in the process of writing one every day in 2016. But I look forward to the discussion and disagreement ahead.

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