A simple way to say thank you

It had been a long day with some lengthy meetings and a dash to try and complete some of the work that was urgently required today. I have to admit to starting to regret agreeing to go and watch and assistat  one of the regular awards ceremonies that take place during the year. The awards recognise the commitment of the officers and staff who keep the force functioning 24 hours a day seven days a week. But they are also an opportunity to highlight the amazing work by members of the public supporting the policing effort.

In a world where there are so many difficult and challenging things to be grappled with on a daily basis, and where some of the worst in human nature often at the forefront it was a great way to connect with the great actions and positive stories.

Policing has benefitted from a fairly well-worn path of reward and recognition from long service through to commendations for bravery and amazing work. I wonder whether other public sector organisations can implement a similar structured approach to appreciate the efforts of staff. It is important to remember that people working in the public sector do so for very good reasons. There is a desire to make a difference and positively impact on society that filters through it all. It may sound cheesy but I see it on a daily basis. Despite the hardships, the pressures and the poor pay, people just want to do their best and leave a positive impression.

But tonight was about so much more. It was an opportunity to recognise the contribution made by members of the public who faced nightmare situations and took control in some way. It is what I hope I would do if confronted by a situation when someone was in distress or where I could make a positive difference to the outcome. We can all play our part to make our communities better places. I have written on this blog many times about the opportunity we have to leave a positive impression.

Tonight made me smile after a difficult few days. It reminded me why I feel privileged to work with the people that received awards tonight. I hope that other agencies and businesses find a way to recognise the contribution that employees make.


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