No time to wait

If there is one thing I have struggled to develop over the years – it is patience. I have never been known to be someone who is happy to wait for things. Even as a child I wanted to be older and doing things that my sister was, and waiting was unacceptable. But do we need to have patience and is it a virtue?

There are a lot of positives if you haven’t got patience as it means you will have a drive to get things done. Projects need to start today rather than tomorrow or the day after. It isn’t good enough to see what happens in the future, you have to make it happen. Having a drive to achieve results can also be infectious and encourage others in the team to push ahead.

I don’t think that modern life has helped me much either. Social media allows me to interact with businesses whenever I want to and I can order online and get things delivered within hours. I love the speed that technology gives us and it makes me even more impatient. If you don’t reply to my text for a few days it is an unsettling state of affairs. I need a reply now.

Of course there are many downsides to lacking patience. To start with your haste to get things happening can mean you miss some essential bits of information. It can mean you are three steps ahead of everyone else and if you don’t explain where you are going or what you are doing you find yourself on your own. The speed can mean you rush and take action before the time is right.

I have come to the conclusion over the years that I do need to develop some patience. I am never going to be happy with the speed of some things and I will keep pushing. However, I am becoming increasingly able to see how patience can bring better results. I can see it but I may never really like it.

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One Response to No time to wait

  1. Marta Frant says:

    Totally relate to this! Lacking patience is my essence. But I do my best to fix itπŸ‘Š πŸ’ͺ


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