Lessons from the week

I have been in a reflective mood this afternoon and feel that I should use it to consider what the past five days at work have shown. It is always useful to take a look back at recent events to consider the ups and downs and take the knowledge gained into the weeks and months ahead.

So here are the five things that I have learnt from this week:

  1. Grab each moment – life is short and we never know what is around the corner so we have to make the most of every moment. More than that we need to recognise and be grateful for what we have. If we can see this then we can feel happier and more satisfied with our lives. Make sure you grab all you can from each day and that is both for you and to help others.
  2. Friendship is important – whenever you are struggling or feeling down about something then the support of good friends is essential. Just the thoughtfulness of someone checking you are ok, or finding out what the problem is can make you feel better about the situation. We can all be more thoughtful and help others during the day. Just take a little time to consider others.
  3. Accept others – people are all very different and that is part of what makes life so interesting. We are all unique and approach our lives and work in different ways. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and we have to learn to accept difference. At work if someone goes from A to B in a different way to you then understand why and how they have done it because you have an opportunity to learn.
  4. Do your best – no one wants to just be mediocre. We should all be looking to improve at work and home by improving our skills, knowledge and ourselves. It takes a bit of effort to continually try to find ways to improve so that we are the best we can be.
  5. Look after yourself and others – life can be tough and is a challenge for us so we need to be fit and ready to face it. This means both mental and physical resilience. Build in the time to gather skills to build your own personal resilience and help others to find out what they can do to be ready to face the unknown.

It has been a tough week in many ways but I am grateful to people who have shared it with me. I have an amazing network of friends, which I have blogged about before, they help me on a daily basis and I am lucky to have them around me. Now I will try and enjoy the weekend.

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