Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

I have written many times about the importance of creativity in the workplace and particularly within communication teams. We also know that given the tough economic climate and the developments with technology we need to do things differently, try new things and take a few risks. Yesterday, I blogged about the vital part that flexibility plays in the modern workplace and today I build on that view.

What is clear for anyone trying something different is that they need to be prepared to face attack, ridicule and negativity. If we think back to the dawn of the industrial revolution there were those who smashed the new machinery and attacked the change being introduced? In the end they were proved to be out of touch and the change happened, and the world improved.

Every time there is something new attempted or developed there will be people who seek to undermine it. Creativity needs ideas and ideas can work and can fail, but that shouldn’t matter. If we never took any risks then we would never progress and if we listened to the criticism we would still be working at home in isolation.

In a world where everyone can shout their views through social media and developing an online presence it becomes hard to make changes. What it needs is strength and the courage to stand by the idea and the conviction to achieve the introduction of the idea. If you are the person behind the development it can be a tough, and possibly lonely, time with others hurling insults.

Nothing that is worth having comes easy. It was a phrase used a lot when I was growing up and I still believe it is true. When unfair criticism is made you have to dig in. Change is tough but we need it if we are to develop and improve. Trying new ideas is vital to our future so ignore the detractors.


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