Do we need to meet?

For many years if people have wanted to do business, discuss issues or make decisions then they would arrange a meeting. What does that mean? Lots of people leave their daily business trek somewhere to get together with others in one room. There will be a list of items to discuss and probably a range of actions that will be agreed. Meetings can last for a few minutes or all day but are they really the most productive way of doing business in 2016?

I, like many people, spend a lot of my working week within meetings. Some can achieve a lot whereas others really seem like a waste of time. I can’t help thinking that there must be other ways of gathering views and making decisions. If you take the average meeting there are those who will speak but a number of people will be there, not speak and are really just being seen to be there. Often meetings are organised when they are not really needed and there is little to gain.

We have some amazing technological advances in the past few years that allow us to speak to people around the world. We can connect when working remotely, and we can share information and have discussions through the technology. So why don’t we make better use of them? In the UK we seem to be slow in moving towards a social business model. There are some places where it is working but we could be doing so much more.

Face-to-face meetings are always going to be required but there are other ways of discussing issues and developing a list of actions. As we all have to make the most of scarce resources we have to fast track how we use technology to develop online collaboration, meetings and sharing. Social business has to be a priority.

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