A slight obsession

I had a brief look through my timelines on social media today and I realised something. It was a view that was reinforced when I started to take a detailed interest in other communication professionals and what they were posting on social media. The situation is clear if you are going to work in PR, the media or communication roles then you will find the work takes over your life.

I know this is probably not true for everyone. However, when you look through what communicators have to say it always links back to the work they do. They will post and tweet and retweet about the organisation they are supporting or working for. In many ways they are embodying the approach that we would like all employees to take of being advocates for the work.

There are many blogs I have written about work taking place beyond the 9 to 5 when you work in PR and communication. As the media and social media mean we are consuming a vast amount of information every day and at all times, we have to be able to accept a role that is 24/7. It is difficult, or almost impossible, to switch off from the news and information we are bombarded with. But I think I quite like to feel able to know what is going on every minute of every day.

Most communication professionals will agree that you have to really want to work for an organisation or provide communication support to an organisation to really do your best work. It has to be something that you are interested in and can get passionate about. It has to be a business that you want to be associated with. It has to be an area of work that you want to become knowledgeable about. If not, then it is likely to be a daily slog or feel like going through the motions.

Communication is a fun business to be in. It has many opportunities and can be hugely rewarding as a career. But all that comes at a price, which is that it will become a significant part of your life. If you accept the benefits then be prepared to become slightly obsessed. Or is that just something that has happened to me?

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1 Response to A slight obsession

  1. Donna says:

    Nope, not just you at all *said as I’m preparing to head to the office on a Sunday of my own free will…


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