Keeping it fresh

I am sure nobody turns up at work wanting to do a bad job. There is no job satisfaction from achieving just the minimum from your day. For professional communicators there is no way they can just tread water because if they do that they will be left behind.

The communication and PR industry is a busy thing. It is moving fast and there are continued changes, developments and new opportunities arriving every day. The way people gather information and news, and the way they engage with brands and buy products has all changed in the past five years. But it is our responsibility as communicators to ensure that we are keeping up-to-date with what is happening.

This could be seen in a negative way as something that takes up too much time or is just too big to deal with. I don’t think it is. We are in a position where effective communication has never been more important and for organisations and companies getting results with activity is critical to business development. The opportunities are there for us to really show what we can do, but only if we are on top of the latest trends.

I know I am probably a little obsessed with this. There is no room to do the same thing day after day and year after year. We have to adapt and change to the world around us. It is what moves us from doing an ok or even poor job to being able to fly and reach new heights.

After working in a job that was really only a word factory some years ago, I never want to be in that kind of environment again. There is no job satisfaction from just doing enough. We get the most from our employment when we get the chance to be creative, to have ideas and to try different things. It is what keeps us fresh, interesting and relevant, and that has to be where we want to be. Isn’t it?

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