In a moment

The Easter weekend is supposed to be all about new beginnings and the hope for the future. Whether you are religious or not, as we are also heralding the start of British Summer Time it is an opportunity to think about what is ahead.

For many people thinking about the future is what they are good at. They start planning when they are younger and keep doing it throughout their lives. There are some positive elements to taking this approach as you know where you want to be. However, there is a huge downside which comes from effectively wishing your life away, never being satisfied with where you are now and always holding out for something more tomorrow.

The planners among us can also be very frustrated when things don’t go according to the timetable they have laid out. It can leave them struggling if they are unable to adapt to the changing circumstances. One thing we all have to get to grips with is the thought that there is constant change. With the financial situation and global threats that exist we don’t know what is round the corner but we need to be able to meet it head on.

Modern life means we are usually thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. Even when we are thinking about today it is usually through the lens of the smartphone or the social media updates we post. It is easy to miss what is happening right here, right now in front of us.

It is why meditation is such an important skill to develop. It is a way that makes you focus on the moment as well as encouraging you to relax. There is a growth in people realising that being mindful can help with modern life. But too many of us continue to be busy, rushing around and focusing on tomorrow.

Today is all we really have.


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