Standing in solidarity

I have visited Brussels Airport on around three or four occasions in the last three years making trips to Europe. Every time I have been there it was always a positive experience as I was either heading off for a trip to Brussels or as in November Vienna, or heading home after a busy but exciting visit. The events that unfolded this morning felt so close to home and as it is just five months since I was sat in Brussels Airport I was saddened by what took place.

Through the trips I have made I have been lucky enough to meet emergency services staff from a number of European countries including Belgium. Today, my thoughts were with them as they faced such a difficult situation. Where I could, using social media, I tried to make them aware that I was thinking of them. I don’t know if that helped at all but I hope they felt the support and love that was with them.

As a former journalist I understand why the media show the images they do in the initial aftermath of such incidents. They want to give people an understanding of what has happened and of the scale of the incident. But we can’t let those images impact on our daily lives. We need to continue doing what we do only with a little more vigilance about our surroundings. Terrorists want to make us afraid and it is always heartening to see people unite and come together to show they will not be affected by fear.

I would prefer that the media start to focus on those images of solidarity. The pictures that we need to see now are of the Belgian flag being flown, of iconic sites being lit in the colours of the Belgian flag and of people visible showing their support for those who have been affected by the events today. These are the images that show the love that exists and it is love that can conquer fear. We need to stand united together.

To all those who have been affected by the incidents this morning my love, prayers and thoughts are with you.

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  1. And now see what terrorism has done to Brussels….I am sad…


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