Lighting up our lives

Tonight it was #earthhouruk. I am not sure if everyone else was taking part but the idea was to turn the lights off for an hour and show you care about the future of the planet. It was a symbolic gesture and some iconic landmarks and venues took part. Sat in my little house I lit some candles and made sure that I was involved. 

I am sure lots of people must have wondered what was going on as the house was in near darkness with no sign of a power cut. I was able to use the website to chart those around me who were also registered to take part. Sadly, it was nowhere near as many people as I thought should take part. But then I am in a sleepy suburban location so that might explain it. 

When I moved around the house it made me realise how reliant I am on electricity and lights. It is natural habit to reach for the light switch and when that option is taken away we become lost in the darkness. 

There are so many things in this life that we take for granted. We just assume that they will always be there, or that things will continue as they always have done. But life is fragile and we never know when some of the things that we just expect to be there will be taken away. We could spend all our time worrying about it, or we could be more positive. Now is the time to express your thanks and gratitude for those people or things that you often take for granted. 

In the same way that I spent the hour without lights thinking about how grateful I should be for what I just accept happens when I turn the light switch, we should also take some time to think about all that we have around us. 

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