A surprise package

This has been a really busy week. In fact the past few weeks have all been really busy with so much happening that you can hardly take a breath. I have started to even bore myself with the usual Friday afternoon comment of ‘it looks like a busy week ahead’ as I review what is planned for the following week. Since we entered into 2016 it has been a bit non-stop for the team and we have all had to play our part.

Today we faced ‘snowmaggedon’ – an opportunity for the media to go into overdrive because we had a bit of snow arrived this morning. It was easy to predict that the country almost grinds to a halt because it is snowing. The impact led to an even busier day for those who were able to get into work. These unexpected events increase the workload and just arrive unexpectedly.

Trying to keep prioritising the work is a massive challenge. As well as everything that we are planning to do there is work that arrives from others and also work that just arrives out of the blue. Communicators have to be able to review and assess quickly, prioritise effectively and be resilient and adaptable.

It is easy to lose sight of what matters when you are facing such busy times. We get caught up in delivering what we need to, surviving and also being a little self-absorbed. When I arrived home after a long week I was greeted with a surprise package that had come through the post. I opened it and found that a friend of mine had sent me a little gift with some wonderfully kind words. I am sure she will never realise how much it meant to me particularly after such a challenging week. It was such a welcome and unexpected boost and I am very grateful for it.

Such random acts of kindness, or thoughtful behaviour, are incredibly important all the time but especially when you have been tested or had a tough time. I hope this weekend that I will be able to make someone feel as good as I did tonight when I opened my parcel.


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