Taking care online

The media have been discussing today the Crown Prosecution Service saying that online trolls and people who create fake profiles should be prosecuted. It recognises the problems that can then lead to reputational damage. Making these changes to update legal practice is important so it keeps pace with technological developments.

The coverage made me consider how important is your online reputation? Do you consider the impact of what you are posting? Are you able to manage and deal with threats or risks to your reputation?

As communicators we are focused on protecting and developing organisational reputations. This work covers all the channels of communication and this includes a requirement to manage online reputation. But as individuals we don’t take as much care at all about our own reputations.

With the use of new technology comes the requirement to protect against attacks, threats, risks and scams. We do that by downloading the latest antivirus software and protection, as well as recognising the safety advice that we need to adhere to. But when it comes to managing our own online reputations we can take little care.

Many people use social media and say things that they would never say in public, and that matters. Some simple protection measures should be put in place including:

  • think about what you are going to post
  • never post when you are angry, annoyed or have rage
  • notice what your language actually says
  • if in doubt don’t post

Extra care needs to be taken about using photographs and video. Take a look at what you are posting, what does it say about you? Is it something that you would be happy for your parents to see? Is it something that you would be happy for your boss to see? What impression does it create and what is the lasting view of you that people will get?

We are all becoming more comfortable with the use of social media as part of our daily lives but that makes it even more important to review what we do and check out our online reputations.

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