Constantly changing

My day has been punctuated with changes. I suppose if you look at it all our daily lives are affected by things that are changing. Everything around us is changing. But dealing with changing circumstances is a huge concern to most people. Human nature seems to prefer having certainty and to understand that when X happens then Y always follows.

In 2016 we know this rosy view of how life can be fixed is further from reality than ever before. We are in a constant state of change but until we faced cuts and a financial crisis I don’t think many people recognised it. When financially things start to move around you it is a wakeup call. Security is something we all crave but in the current financial climate we all have to accept change.

Change comes in many forms. It is something that we can introduce ourselves when we try new things or doing things in a different way. The changes that are forced upon us are the most difficult to accept because we lose any element of control.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe that we should change just for changes sake. If things that worked in the past are still relevant to modern life then we should hang onto them. But life in 2016 is very different from what it was 15, 10 or even five years ago and we have to be ready to adapt and transform what we do.

Communicating about change is one of the biggest challenges that are being faced by internal communicators and communication teams. Yet, it is one of the most important pieces of communication work that is taking place in organisations. It needs to be recognised as critical and resourced with skilled staff accordingly. There is a lot that communicators can bring to the table.

Essential in change management and change communication is the need to alter perceptions. It is our role as communicators to help people find the positives and see the opportunities in change. Now more than ever we need to create a mind-set that accepts uncertainty and starts to celebrate change.


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