The ultimate sacrifice

How many of us put ourselves out to think of others? How many of us will do things to help other people have a better life? A few possibly. But how many of us would be willing to pay the ultimate price to save others?

The story today of 10-year-old Kiera Larson who died saving two young children from a runaway car in Lakeside, California really touched me. It was unbelievable that the bright young girl reacted to save her two younger friends but at such a terrible cost. (You can read about it here

I have total respect for this young girl who should always be remembered for what she did to help others. I am sure she would have done a lot in her life to help others, but unfortunately we will never know.

Putting others first is such an amazing quality that I wish more people would aspire to it. It is what makes us admire those who go into war zones to make a difference to people in desperate need. There are also those closer to home who do jobs that keep us safe but will put themselves at risk; the police and fire officers. We can quickly forget that every minute of every day there are those uniformed services ready to help. It is easy to take that for granted.

I am lucky enough to work every day alongside people who are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if it was needed for the good of others, or of society as a whole. When I think about it that fact makes me want to work even harder to help them in the only way I can – using my skills and knowledge in communication.

When I heard about Kiera I was filled with total admiration that such love could be shown by one so young. I have seen people at work step into danger to help others without thinking of themselves. The world is full of some amazing things and amazing people, and we really need to stop and pay tribute to them.

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