A clear head

I am finally going to admit that I can’t keep working all day every day. The importance of a work-life balance is something that I have written about in the past but it is also something that I have said but not done. The difficulty is that I really enjoy what I do so I like to do it. That can mean noting ideas or developments whenever they come into my head.

Today I had a rare day off and in the early hours of the morning I was already having some great ideas. I think it was because I had some time and had stepped off the daily treadmill that my mind felt productive. In some ways I had hoped that it would switch off from work completely, but that was never going to happen.

Instead the space from the office had allowed my brain to mull over some of the thornier or complex problems. In the early hours it nudged me awake and then I had to jot down the ideas so I didn’t lose the creativity. Being able to step away from the routine gave me the space for a clear head and some clear thoughts.

I do enjoy the daily business but being involved in it day in and day out is not always the most productive use of my time. There has to be an opportunity to find solutions to problems and consider new developments. I work better when I can take some time to research, review and ponder things. Most of my working day is surrounded by people which is great, but time on your own is helpful.

So, I know lots of people will shout at me for thinking about and doing some work on my day off but trust me it was really worthwhile. I didn’t feel the stress of the average working day but I did manage to think through some thorny issues. I am now hoping that my brain will help me through the weekend finding more solutions and creating more ideas.

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