Facing the fears

Modern life is tough, very tough. There are so many things that we face on a daily basis that can drain our energy and divert us from what makes us happy. I have blogged many times about the importance of resilience and having a strong support network around you. Those are very valuable to me. It is also important to face what can zap your energy and tackle it head on.

It is easy to say deal with those issues that challenge you but it takes a great amount of resilience, determination and confidence to do that. The core has to be ensuring you are in the right frame of mind and that takes time and a huge amount of focus.

I am not afraid to say that I have turned to support in the past to help me find ways to change my mind-set and develop ways of reassessing situations. Discussing issues and listening to trusted people can have significant benefits. But too many people are afraid to seek help or to open up and talk about those stress factors. How can we deal with problems if we don’t face up to what they are and talk about them?

We can all gain strength from others and if we surround ourselves with positive influences this can grow further. Changing our perspective on situations takes some effort, and it means working at it. Mental well-being doesn’t just happen. It needs to be worked at in the same way that people work out physically in the gym. This is something people don’t recognise and certainly wouldn’t talk about.

Today, I got the chance to address a few issues, face them and move forward. It was a liberating experience. I can now banish things to my history as I am in a position to start to move on. This is now about moving forward and having a level of acceptance for what was, and will always be, my past. Modern life is hard, I know that but after today I also know that I am in a position, with the support I have and with the skills I have developed, to face things and move on.

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