Reflections on kindness

I like many other people was horrified to see the death of a dolphin in Argentina that had been passed around while people took photographs. It showed a complete lack of understanding about what was happening and the fact they were killing it. But it also highlighted humans being self-centred and not considering others.

This week is Random Acts of Kindness week and it is a chance for everyone to do some small things that will make others smile. The idea behind it is simple the more we think about others and undertake acts to help them the better we feel. It does work. I know when I have done something it makes me feel positive. You know that even if you never meet the person you will have cheered their day.

So often we get caught up in our own wants and desires that we don’t take the time to look at those around us. The focus is on making sure our own lives are better and we don’t check out others that may be struggling. Modern life is tough, very tough and without great care we will end up caring only about ourselves.

I spend a lot of my time surrounded by animals and that is a great way to ensure you are thinking about others. My little creatures are not out to cause problems or say things to hurt; all they want is food, warmth, somewhere to live and some love. They ask little from you but they give so much back. If you have animals in your life then you have to think about them, have they got the right food, do they have water, are they well, and do they need anything. It is irrelevant whether you have had a bad day to them because they just want to make you smile.

It is a shame we don’t spend more time in finding ways to make our human companions in life smile. If we did that perhaps we would stop focusing on ourselves, we would think about others and that beautiful little dolphin would not have died.

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One Response to Reflections on kindness

  1. alwynnalwynn says:

    You said it. I am soo angry at that baby’s death. Hedonistic selfie crazed Argentinian beach goers.


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