Release the pressure

I have been running at full steam for the past few weeks and even when I haven’t been at work it has been on my mind. My weekends have been peppered with catching up on things that I haven’t managed to do during the week. I would hate to have totted up all the hours I have done in the past few weeks. Even when not in work I have been trying to find solutions to the problems I face.

When people go through a time of pressure and additional stresses at work I am the first one to push them to take some time out or have a few days off when they can. It is great advice, but I never take it for myself.

Tonight I was lucky enough to have the most amazing massage that gave me an hour of complete relaxation. I can’t remember feeling this relaxed and de-stressed for the past four weeks. It has reminded me of the importance of the advice I always give people to improve their work/life balance, and to make sure they take time to do the things they enjoy.

We don’t function at our best when we are wound so tightly that we could explode at any time. It clouds our judgement and makes it almost impossible to find a way through when dealing with even the simplest problem. And yet we let ourselves get to this point on a regular basis and during mental health week this is something we should deal with. But who is there at work or home to keep an eye on you and provide that much needed advice about your well-being? And more importantly would you recognise the signs of pressure in yourself?

Modern life is full of pressures both in and out of work, and how we respond to them is the most critical issue. Resilience is a quality that we should cultivate and value now and in the future. For me, I am glad I had an hour to relax and unwind and will be doing my best to feel the value tomorrow.

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