It is good to talk

This morning I was able to do something that I had forgotten how much I enjoy. It wasn’t anything to do with Monday morning or breakfast or even it being the start of the week. The thing that made me smile and put a spring in my step was being able to go back to my roots and play at being a journalist.

I had the chance of doing a couple of brief interviews over the phone to support some communication work that will be taking place this week. It is just like riding a bicycle, and I was straight back on getting all the questions answered even though my shorthand is definitely a bit rusty at speed.

It reminded me why I used to love being a journalist; talking to people and communicating. Finding out about people, their lives, their hopes, and their interests as well as their news is what was great about the job. I also think the two elements of communication and people should be essential for anyone involved in a PR or communication role. I can’t see how you can be at your best in developing communication activity, plans and events if you don’t love connecting to people.

Alongside that to be a communication professional you have to be interested in the use of words, images and what interests people. The use of language is just a small part of effective communication but that should all be something that excites you. Understanding the whole process and how you can use it, develop it and transform it has replaced for me the excitement of writing a splash (front page lead).

Monday morning can usually feel like a bit of an uphill struggle. Managing issues that have emerged over the weekend, getting on top of the week ahead and keeping the enthusiasm characterises the start of the week. Today it all felt a bit easier as I was able to have a great chat with two very different people, learning a little about them and remind me why I love communication as a profession.

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