All too superficial

I turned on the television this morning to watch the news and was treated to the latest headlines. Then I decided to try and have a look at what was being posted on Twitter and Facebook and I got more one line updates from a range of people. Everything is so fast that we got a few bits of information and then move on.

It is just so superficial. We don’t seem to have any time to find out what sits behind the headlines, to be analytical and to delve a bit more deeply. I find myself doing this rushing from one thing to another grabbing the headlines but I still do try to get into the detail. I love to read through the Sunday Times and the detailed articles providing the background to some current issue in the news.

We are also in an era of celebrity where people are looking for instant success, wealth and I suppose happiness. People want to look their best all the time and will get plastic surgery to look better. These days we feel we can have everything and more than that we feel entitled to it.

This is the same attitude that so annoyed me in the run up to Christmas when people were being told everything had to be perfect. They had to ensure they had everything that looked right, and that on the surface it was all as it should be. Again, it is just a superficial approach to life.

I wondered today if this was why people chose certain careers or jobs. Do they want to do things that provide some form of instant gratification? Will they move around to find the next big thing or at least what appears to be the next big thing?

We are missing so much if we never feel the joy of learning more and more about a particular subject, questioning what is happening and getting beneath the surface. There needs to be a change in attitudes. I know that we are in a fast paced world where everything¬†moves quickly, but if we don’t stop and take the time to really understand things then I worry we are just going to stagnate.

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