Stepping off the treadmill

Have you ever felt you are treading the same path at work and that you are doing the same things day after day? I know people who are quite comfortable with specialising in a particular aspect or area of work. But I really would struggle to accept a working day where I knew what I was going to face. The predictable would be major turn off for me from any work environment.

The reason this has been on my mind is because I have had a fast and furious 48 hours. During the past two days I have so far managed around two hours sleep with the demands of work keeping me up from the early hours of this morning. I won’t give a rundown of what my day has included but it was anything but boring.

When I am faced with new problems, challenges, opportunities and situations I think it is when I am at my best. I like it when things don’t happen as you would expect and particularly when the day takes a few unexpected twists and turns. I know that if this happened all day every day it would become quite wearing but I can’t feel creative when it feels like I am stuck on a treadmill.

This is what keeps me still enjoying police communication. It is a role that is never predictable or straightforward. If there isn’t something you are trying to manage at home, there will be some national issue that impacts on you. No two days are ever really the same and every day is definitely a learning experience. There is always the opportunity to use your experience and find ways to deal with emerging issues.

I have an amazing position as head of communication in such an interesting area of work. It may mean I face a lot of pressures from demands, threats, risks and national issues but it is never predictable or boring. There is always something new, different or unusual that you face and you have to be able to meet it and respond. I may be tired but I am feeling incredibly lucky.


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