Counting the cost

I rarely write about it and I suppose it is because I have enough of it and I am not focused on gathering more and more of it. What I am talking about is money. It is what we spend a lot of time thinking about. Can we pay the bills? Can we fill the cupboards? Can we do the things we want to? There are also the times when we dream about having so much of it that we don’t have to think about it. Strangely when that happens we think about it all the more; what we would do, who we would give money to and how we would live.

Money is what some people see as important. Important to their lives and the quality of their lives. It is why a number of people keep looking to change jobs, so they can earn more and more money regardless of what it is they are working on.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike money and I realise I am in a lucky position. I have enough money to do the things I want to (although those are relatively simple things), and when I can’t afford to do something I make sure I don’t do something else so I can fund it. I keep a horse but I don’t go on expensive foreign holidays. It is about spending wisely so I can enjoy my hobby. I have also done something quite surprising – I have become mortgage free at the age of 44.

The saying is often that the money is the root of evil. I can understand why. It is what drives bad behaviour, it is what makes us act in ways that we wouldn’t normally, and it is what brings out the less favourable elements of human nature. There is a requirement for us to have it but having lived through the 1980s I have seen us make it the central point of our lives.

I have realised that money doesn’t make you happy. All it can do is assist in making your life easier so that you can focus on the things that matter. At best it gives you the chance to have a little more time on your hands. There is a lot to be said for doing the things that maky you happy and that you enjoy rather than the things that bring more and more money. Some jobs have greater rewards in other aspects rather than financial and we shouldn’t forget that.


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