Six elements of resilience

I have talked about one subject a number of times this week, and it is something that I think is underrated. In a fast moving world where things keep changing there is a huge amount of pressure. If we are going to survive and even thrive then we have to find ways of increasing our resilience.

It has been a tough week at work, and it comes after a few really difficult weeks. I have found my personal resilience being put to the test but increasing resilience isn’t just down to some inner strength. I have been pondering what you need to have more resilience to be able to meet the challenges, changes and developments each day. The following are six things I think are essential to boost resilience:

  1. A strong support network including both family and friends
  2. Support from the team around you at work
  3. A clear role and purpose to the work you are doing
  4. Honest and useful feedback about what you are doing
  5. Time to recover and spend time doing something that makes you smile
  6. The ability to step back and took a detached look at things

Of course, there has to be some inner confidence, strength and a way of seeing the positives around you to help with this.

This week I have found myself being pushed and pressured in a number of ways. I can’t say it was any more than usual, but it felt like it was. I have reached Friday, and I have survived. If I take a look back it was the six elements I have highlighted that ensured I was able to gather my inner strength and emerge relatively unscathed.

It is easy to see resilience as toughness and therefore something that is about hiding emotions and never showing any weakness. For me, that is absolutely not what resilience is and being able to confront and deal with your emotions is a critical element.

With the massive changes that are taking place in most workplaces due to the financial climate and modern developments, we have to start to focus on making sure people have resilience. It is about techniques and support that will mean the constant change, pressure, and speed of modern life doesn’t adversely impact on you. Training in this area is something I think more employers should consider, and for communication teams it is essential.

For me as I sit here today, I am just incredibly grateful for my support network those at home, at the stables and at work. They have all played a part in increasing my resilience during recent weeks.

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