It is the little things

Yesterday a couple appeared on television to announce they had won £33million on the lottery. It comes just a few weeks after Christmas when people will have put themselves into debt to make the grand gestures and to buy big and expensive presents. I recently walked through Manchester and saw expensive vehicles, wine and many other things on sale.

This has been a consumer society. We are focused on buying things, having more things and when they are gone getting more. But this can’t be the way we live in the future. Perhaps now is the time for it to be about the little things and the small acts of kindness. Should these be the things at the centre of our lives?

I am more touched my the thoughtful gesture or the heartfelt word of support than I would be with a very expensive present. The reason is the amount of care and attention that went into the deed or word. It is someone showing they know and understand me, and they care about me.

When I was younger I used to write letters to my relatives. I still try to do that now but often I resort to making use of social media. The reason I used to write the letters was to share a bit of myself with them and feel closer even though I lived many miles away. Now I try to put thought and care into my relationships, to make sure I take an interest in people’s lives and to do random acts of kindness. 

I hope it is the little things that happen each day that may improve someone’s life or make a difference to the little bit of the world where I live. And I think if someone wants grand gestures and expensive presents then they aren’t the kind of person I want in my life. It is my partner’s birthday today, and we have been together for 29 years. He is definitely not someone who needs things or grand gestures, which is probably part of the reason why we are still together. Happy Birthday Jonathan.

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