Can I be of assistance?

I blogged at the weekend about needing to have some space and time on my own. So I suppose today is the balance – the ying to that yang or the cheese to that onion. A number of times during today I was struck with how much support and assistance I am given to help me.

The support helps me to have a busy job and career but also to spend time with my horse and riding which is something I love. It is assistance that helps me to run a home, deal with deliveries and the demands of home life. It is support that means my life is full, and full of things that I love to do.

I am hugely grateful for all the support I receive. After all without it then I know I would either have to stop doing the things I love, or I would send myself over the edge trying to keep juggling everything I do. In modern life we are all trying to do a lot, juggling home, family, work, hobbies and interests. I suppose we just want to have everything.

For me, I just want to make the most of every minute of every day and to do it I will sometimes take on too much and leave myself in a predicament. But that is when I know I have a huge safety net of family and friends who are there to help out and they do it without ever being asked.

I know that time on my own is something that is worthwhile and to be valued. However, having that support and assistance on a daily basis is something that I am grateful to have, and ensuring there is a network you are connected to is so important for us all. For all those who help me to juggling things, I thank you.

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