Disconnecting for a time

Human beings are by nature social creatures. We function better when we are linked to others. It is the reason that family life and having friends is so important to us. However, there are times when you need to be able to switch off from the busy world and take some time to be with yourself.

It is one of the hardest things to really get to know yourself and for many people being alone is incredibly difficult. It is when we are alone with ourselves that we have to confront things and we cannot use the hustle and bustle to block things out.

Of course no-one wants to be on their own all the time. That would be unhealthy and for people who are unfortunate enough to be in that position we cannot underestimate the need to have company and a connection to society.

But today I have really needed to take some time out to be with myself and take time to think things through. I still struggle with being able to switch off and meditate, and I am keen to practice so that I can do it. Time on my own is also a little selfish. It is because I want to concentrate on me and on getting to grips with what may be impacting on my thought processes both good and bad.

I would like to take more time out to really understand my thoughts and to focus on knowing what I want from life. Otherwise, I will continue to do the same things day after day without ever stepping off the treadmill of life.


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