A week of 2016 – what have we learnt?

We are just about a week into the New Year and it is proved to be a fast and furious few days. I decided to sit down with a cup of tea and give myself a little time for reflecting on what I have learnt from the eight days of 2016.

  1. It is continuing to be challenging – the year is continuing where the last one ended by ensuring that work will be a difficult thing. There is so much to do and unfortunately too few people to do it. This means we continue to be challenged on a daily basis – what do we do, what is the most important, and where the focus should be.
  2. It is presenting many opportunities – I suppose this goes alongside the challenges. Already this year has shown me that there are lots of opportunities that will appear if you have your eyes open you will see them and then have the chance to grab those you want to. The key is to have an open mind every day and be ready to see what comes your way.
  3. It is testing my patience – and anyone who knows me will know that this is not a surprise. I am not the most patient person. I want things to happen now, I want to deal with problems immediately, and I want to make great strides when sometimes small steps are all that can be achieved. The rest of the 12 months will require me to learn how to be much more patient.
  4. It is well connected – this might just be me but I seem to have renewed many friends and acquaintances through social media even in just eight days of 2016. It may be that I am focusing more attention on the social networking but it should make it an interesting year.
  5. It is going to require a disciplined approach – I try to pack too much into each day. I want another day in the week or a few hours each day please. Trying to do so much often leaves me feeling frustrated and definitely tired. But I refuse to give in so I am going to need to be disciplined to ensure I can enjoy what I want to but also not reach burn out too quickly. I almost had a meltdown yesterday and seven days into the year that isn’t a good way to start.
  6. It is bringing support – this has been a busy, tough and challenging week and I have survived it only with the support that I have around me. I am lucky to have a hugely supportive family and friends, but also great work colleagues. It is about helping each other when we need it and I want to ensure I can be supportive as well as to make the most of the support.
  7. It is going to be busy – this has been a non-stop eight days and it feels like it should have been about a month rather than a week. So, I need to be prepared for a fast moving rollercoaster of 2016.




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