Listen to my story

Things have happened today, lots of things. They have happened to me and they will have happened to you. Every day people experience things and have news to share. So why do we rarely hear about it and why is news dealt with so selectively?

As a former journalist, I know the answer to that. But I still wonder why in an era when we can all make and share our own news we still allow a small minority of people to choose what is news. The rise in social media has given us all the opportunity to say what we think is important to know and to demand that people know it. 

We do now see more stories emerge on social networks that then make it into the traditional news media. In that way some of the accepted conventions about what news is are being slowly changed, moulded and transformed. 

But is this change happening quickly enough and could people do more to update the way we view news?

I am hopeful that the growth of social media and networks if they continue will force a rethink on how we all view the handling of news. Of course, there are always huge global events that everyone can agree are news the events in Paris and Syria. But tomorrow and in a weeks’ time people will still be living with the events yet the news will have moved on. 

The ease with which information can be gathered makes me very selfish and greedy. I want to know about things that are of interest to me and I want to know them today, not when people believe it is right for me to know them. Usually, I can find things out through social media and the internet but what I don’t have is the confidence that the information I have has been impartially dealt with. That said how is any information impartially dealt with?

If I, or anyone, have a story to tell then there are ways we can tell it and those interested will listen.

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