Keeping the Twitter USP

A few years ago I start to step into a strange new world. The world was social media and my arrival into it was quite a nervous and difficult experience. One social network has always felt more comfortable and easier to use for me and that is Twitter.

I have found Twitter a great way to get short, quick updates on news and events. It was also a great way of connecting with people and keeping in touch in a truly networked way.

So, I have to say it is disappointing to me to think that Twitter may lose its unique selling point (USP) of allowing only 140 characters. The discussion in recent days has been that it may extend it in the same way as the direct messages now. But I wonder then what Twitter has above other social networks?

I will very quickly switch off if there are reams and reams of words written by the people I follow. As I follow a few thousand my Twitter feed moves quite quickly and I like that. I can dip in and when something really attracts my attention then I will click on a link, share it or delve into it to find a bit more detail.

Twitter has always been a great way to signpost people to news, blogs, websites or other information. However, in a rush to develop and adapt I fear it may lose the elements that have been at its core. It may lose its identity and very essence.

I am sure there are many other ways that Twitter could develop. I can think of quite a few myself should they ever want to ask me. But as I thought through the possibility of the 140 characters being extended it made me very concerned that it could potentially be the end of the social network. After all, why would I put all the information onto Twitter when I already post more detailed updates to Facebook?

I will be interested to learn more about the potential development and can only hope that the bosses at Twitter think carefully before abandoning their USP.

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