Saying no to resolutions

I am sure many people reading this will have gone through the ritual of outlining some resolutions for tthe new year. The change in the calendar is often seen as a time when we can stop things, start new things or have a change in our lives. But I refuse to get into this new year resolution mindset

In the past couple of days I have had a few conversations with friends and family on this subject. It seems I am not alone in questioning why we should set new year resolution that we have probably already broken less than 48 hours later.

Instead I have discussed seeing this date change as an opportunity to do some goal setting. The reason being that goals are something we can work towards achieving whereas resolutions clearly are something set to be broken. Much better to find some way to set achievable targets for the next 12 months.

The other issue I have with new year resolutions is the idea that we have to use the calendar change to alter our lives. So on the second of January when we have failed to stick to our resolution then we can give up for the next 364 days. That has to be wrong.

We can make a change to our lives whenever we want to. We can do it today, tomorrow, in six weeks or six months time. All we need is the attitude and mental strength to be clear about the change we want to make and then follow it through. If we fail for one day, don’t worry, just pick yourself up and get back on course.

So I have lots of goals that I want to achieve during 2016 and I will find ways of making steps towards reaching them. I will do it all with no resolutions in sight.

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