Christmas spirit

No-one in Greater Manchester could have expected to have seen the roads, homes and fields flooded and underwater on Boxing Day. They were scenes that happen in other parts of the country. So the past 36 hours have been shocking and surprising.

I had to go out yesterday to drive 20 minutes from home to the stables and many roads were flooded, or blocked. When I arrived home I couldn’t believe that there were eight or more cars all stuck in the road where it had flooded. We are not near any rivers and have never seen anything like it.

But this was all small inconveniences compared to the people who have had their homes, businesses and belongings damaged, lost or affected by the flooding. I was saddened to see the towns and cities of Greater Manchester under water. It was only when watching the many news reports talking to people in Lancashire and Greater Manchester that you realise how resilient people can be.

People who had been expecting a quiet Christmas then find themselves in the middle of the unfolding drama. Despite the events they maintained a positive attitude and were grateful for the support that they had received. There were endless tales of how people had all mucked in to help each other and if they were in a fortunate position of being unaffected then they offered whatever help they could.

It made me wonder why we can’t come together in such a positive way all the year round and not just when we are in the middle of a crisis. Communities and neighbourhoods can be much stronger when they pull together to achieve things.

The day or so have shown the real spirit of Christmas and I hope that the recently launched fundraising by Forever Manchester will go some way to help those who have been affected.

Please consider donating what you can to the appeal the details are on the link

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