Are you serious?

There are some serious things happening in the world at the moment. I don’t seek to down play how much is taking place that requires careful thought and consideration. The news is a very serious thing at the moment as it has been for most of 2015.

But this week I have wondered whether there can be a place for the more light-hearted and humorous?

It does feel difficult to laugh at the moment with all of the problems in the world. How can we find things to laugh about when there is so much pain and suffering?

I think the key for me is to recognise what is happening in the world and be really clear about what it means. Most importantly it is about finding a way to try and improve the world however small the action may be. I am still trying to carry out random acts of kindness whenever I have the opportunity.

Alongside all this though I want to be able to smile and see the humour and fun around me. Serious is fine but there are times when you need to unwind and find something to smile about. Christmas is a time when we can recognise the good things in our lives and be grateful for what we have. It is a time when we can share things with others and share goodwill. Finally, it is a time when a little humour and being light-hearted should be enjoyed. Without this the pressure of the world today and the events around us could become too much to deal with.

We should not allow the media dictate to us what we should do and how we deal with situations. With everything that happens we must be in a position to make our own minds up about both the serious things and what makes us laugh.

I hope you find something to smile about during the festive season and see some of the joy around you.

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