Moving away from darkness

This is the final of my mammoth blogtober challenge. Tonight being Halloween I have been wondering why we delight in the horror and darker side of life. Do we really want to be in that place all the time or just for one day during the year?

I was reading this week about research that stated that human beings are by nature good. It is something I hope is true because we need to grasp onto that now. Why now? Well, we are in a world where for many years amassing things, goods and products has been our primary focus. We have been told we need more things to make us happy.

In the past five years we have come to realise that we haven’t got the money to keep buying things to make us happy. This means we have to reconnect with our core values, beliefs and inner self. For me this means thinking about others and finding a way that we leave positivity wherever we have been. I have written a lot about understanding the impression you make and how that is viewed. It is becoming more and more important for me, but I believe also for many others questioning the previously accepted elements of a happy life.

Can we all do more? Of course, we spend most of our time thinking about ourselves and then possibly our loved ones. Very little time is spent on thinking about how to improve our neighbourhoods and communities – well for most people. But a growing number are finding ways to improve lives and they have reconnected with the goodness of being a human. This may sound a bit cheesy believe me it isn’t.

Tonight may be a celebration of the darker things in life but let us all make sure it is only one day of the year. In a true Star Wars style battle good can conquer evil and the more of us that share kindness and positivity in the world the better it will be for everyone. So tomorrow, find a way to make someone’s life that bit better.

I have enjoyed the past 31 days marking #blogtober but think I will deserve a little break. If you have a subject you would like me to blog about let me know. Roll on November.

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