10 reasons I love my job

As I am reaching the end of blogtober, I am going to indulge myself a little in the final blogs. So today I have been reflecting on how lucky I am to be doing a job I love, but also trying to unpick why I love it so much. Even when it is really challenging I still want to get up and head into work.

During 2015 I have found myself having a new-found energy for work even with the struggle with a lack of resources, increasing demands and a lot of additional pressure. The first thing I have to say is that I think I have one of the best communication jobs in the world. I work with amazing colleagues and as a team we share, laugh, and support each other. If you want to know more check out a recent blog about our dysfunctional family. But it is more than that.

I feel this is a communication job that matters. It is a chance to help frontline police officers and help them both catch criminals and keep people safe. This brings with it some additional pressures to support the 24/7 activity with 24/7 communication assistance. It means that the activity you undertake is constantly in the spotlight, and decision-making is always likely to be challenged.

So what do I feel are the reasons I love my job?

  1. It is a job that matters and can make a real difference.
  2. I get the chance to be creative and innovative
  3. It is a supportive environment
  4. There are regular developments and changes that keep things fresh
  5. I work with an amazing team who care
  6. It is not a case of can I do it, but I will do it and when do you need it
  7. Professional communication support is valued and included
  8. The work continues to be hugely interesting and varied
  9. It tests my skills and abilities on a daily basis
  10. Every day is different and brings something new

I could probably continue to add to the list but the sentiment will be the same. Don’t get me wrong I know I moan sometimes, I get tired, I get grumpy and I can become obsessed with work. But despite that for the vast majority of my time I am proud to say where I work, am happy to talk about it endlessly, and love what I do.

I wonder how many other communication professionals would be happy to share the reasons they love their job? I am keen to hear from others.

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