Finding the communication stars on our doorstep

It was another interesting day at work and this time it was our first major use of Periscope as part of communication activity. I have always said that it should only be used when there is a real reason to use it. Just using it because it exists is unlikely to bring many benefits back. The feedback was really good as PC Baldwin went on a safety patrol in a student area of Manchester. He was checking for insecure homes and cars as well as giving crime prevention advice.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive but the use of Periscope isn’t the focus for this blog, although it could have been. What the student patrol live broadcast did show was how valuable effective communicators are to the team and the organisation. PC Baldwin was natural and at ease with the broadcast taking place. He could talk simply and without jargon about what people needed to know. When you are moving into broadcasting having good communicators with personality at hand is critical.

I don’t think we spend enough time finding those stars within our organisations. The day job gets busy and overtakes plans to develop a network of effective communicators. But when we really need them we have to be able to call upon those who have such skills.

These are not always the people at the senior levels in the organisation. We need to find our communication stars at all levels and across all sections of any large company or organisation. But when you have around 10,000 people in your business it can be a huge challenge to identify these people. So when you do find them what do you do to make sure you can work with them and how do you keep in touch with them?

It is so easy to recognise they are effective communicators while you are working with them and then move on to something else. The individual gets forgotten and your communication is the worse for having people to support it. We must find ways to build our internal networks of colleagues we can call upon.

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